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This form is for current students who want to apply for a CAS to extend or switch into Tier 4 immigration category. In order to avoid a delay, you must attach a scanned copy of your current visa and ID page of your passport . Forms received without the above documents will not be considered.

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First Name, Surname
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Purpose of Visa Extension
Please explain why you are applying for a CAS. Please provide as much detail as possible within 250 words
Previous Visa
Have you ever previously held a Tier 4 Visa/Student Visa for another UK University or College? (if yes, please provide details)
Previous Visa Refusal
Have you ever had a UK Visa refusal?
Please attach a copy of your current UK visa, passport and any Visa refusal letters if applicable.

Maintenance Fund Requirements

Please be aware that there are strict maintenance fund requirements in order to make a successful Tier 4 (General) student visa application. Any money that you use for maintenance and fees needs to be in your account for 28 consecutive days. The most recent balance on the statement must be within one month of submitting your application. For more information please visit Documents needed for Tier 4 visa application guide

Please note we will not issue the CAS if you are not able to provide satisfactory evidence of maintenance funds available as per UKVI requirements upon request.

Attendance Requirement
In order to be eligible for a visa extension, you must be in regular attendance at all of your seminars and lectures. Student Visa Compliance team will not issue a CAS for visa extension should your attendance fall below expected level. Tier 4 Visa students are required to maintain a good level of attendance as part of the conditions of their Tier 4 visa.

Immigration Rules
Due to current Immigration rules, you may have to apply for your Tier 4 Visa from overseas. We will make an assessment based on the information you have provided in the form and advise you accordingly.

On submission of this form you will receive a confirmation of receipt to your university email account. The CAS request form will be assessed within 10 working days and you will be notified on the outcome via email. If your visa expires within the next 10 working days, we will prioritise your request, however, complex cases may take longer to assess. To avoid delays in dealing with your CAS request, please do not send repeat enquiries.


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