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By confirming your details below you agree to the Terms and Conditions set out by the Middlesex University Security and Alumni Association Teams, regarding use of your alumni card.
Terms & Conditions
I understand and agree that the Access Control Card issued upon approval of this request remains the property of Middlesex University and:
  • That should the card become lost or stolen I will inform the security department as soon as practicably possible to: Security Department, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, Hendon, London, NW4 4BT (0208 411 6200);
  • That the Access Control Card is issued for my exclusive use and may not be duplicated, loaned or used to allow any unauthorised and or unknown person access into a controlled area;
  • That an administrative cost of £10 may be charged for the replacement of lost or damaged cards (stolen cards will not be charged so long as a crime reference number from the Police can be provided);
  • That abuse of the Access Control Card permissions and/or non-compliance with this agreement may result in the withdrawal of the Access Control Card and disciplinary and or criminal proceedings in line with the University s regulations;
  • That I will abide by all the Terms & Conditions above and all Library and IT policies, including the Computer Use Policy for Students and Alumni.
  • That failure to comply with all of the above will lead to your membership of the Alumni Association and any associated benefits being revoked.
I further acknowledge that I am aware that the University may process personal data relating to its alumni in connection with the production of Access Control (Alumni Association membership) Cards, and the maintenance of the records relating to these cards also that the University may contract with an external organisation for the production of these cards. The University undertakes to maintain this personal data in secure conditions and to process and disclose this data only within the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation and the University’s Data Protection policy. Any third party involved in the production of the cards will also be required to maintain personal data securely, and process and disclose the data only within the terms of GDPR.

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